Handmade Fishing Lures and Fish Themed Jewelry

Think Like a Fish is a father-daughter collaboration between James Canaday and Vicki Schofield. Known as Jim to his fishing buddies, James is affectionately referred to as Pop by his daughter and grandsons. Pop has a lifelong love of fishing. He made his first fishing lures in 1959 when Vicki was just a toddler. In 1961 Pop began making his #100 BrimKiller lure for the Alabama and NW Florida sport fishing market. The BrimKiller is a 1/8 ounce spinner bait with a sponge spider body. In the mid 1960s, Pop had the idea for a soft plastic Shrimp Tail on a ¼ ounce jig head. A few years after Pop’s Shrimp Tail went on the market, several large fishing tackle companies began to manufacture different versions of a similar lure.

Pop made lures while also owning a bait and tackle shop in his hometown of Troy, Alabama, where he sold fishing tackle and live and artificial bait. In 1968 he packed up the family and moved to Freeport, Florida. It was no coincidence that the Freeport area was one of Pop’s favorite places to fish for largemouth bass while stationed at Eglin Air Force Base during the late 50s and early 60s. Actually, Vicki and her younger brother Jimmy were both born at Eglin AFB and are true “Florida Crackers!” Having sold his bait and tackle shop in Troy, Pop began working as a wholesale fishing tackle salesman after moving to Freeport. He retired from that profession in 2001. While working as a tackle salesman, Pop also made a lot of spinner baits and buzz baits. He also built many “Leader Ready Rigs” while keeping a finger or two in making tackle. In late 2006, Pop resumed making soft plastic lures.

Several years ago, sitting around the dinner table the topic of conversation turned to fishing, naturally! In the course of the discussion Vicki distinctly remembers Pop’s explanation for how to be successful at landing the sought after species. Pop simply and matter of factly stated, “You have to learn to think like a fish!” Vicki concluded that her father had truly “gone over the edge” when it came to fishing! So when the idea of a collaborative fish-themed shop was hatched, there was no doubt in Vicki’s mind that the shop had to be named “Think Like a Fish”!

Pop’s handmade lures can be found in several local shops in NW Florida and now online here at Zibbet. When he’s not fishing, you can find Pop in his shop making lures or at his computer communicating with other like minded individuals! They are undoubtedly comparing notes on their efforts to “think like a fish!”

Vicki is a crafter from childhood. Although she grew up with a fishing enthusiast father, Vicki lacked patience for fishing. Her preference was to go “catching” rather than “fishing” and she has yet to develop the ability to “think like a fish.” However, she does enjoy thinking about fish and incorporating them into handmade jewelry items. Vicki’s background includes earning a BS degree from Auburn University in 1979 in Biology with a specialization in Wildlife Management. Vicki taught high school biology and later computer courses upon college graduation until 2001.

Since leaving the teaching profession, Vicki has spent most of her time working in the hospitality industry in NW Florida where she managed an upscale RV resort. Vicki has learned a lot about business in the process and draws from that experience as she pursues online retailing. Vicki’s experience in selling the results of her creative efforts began in February 2001 when she launched “A Stitch and a Prayer”, offering original counted thread embroidery designs wholesale to needlework shops. In 2008, Vick began making jewelry and offering it for sale online. She came to Zibbet in December 2009 with LOC Design Studio. A few months later she opened A Stitch and a Prayer on Zibbet, selling her original needlework patterns to retail customers. In April 2010, Vicki opened a third Zibbet shop, Denim and Pearls, where she combines her love of denim fabric with pearls of all description to create unique handcrafted jewelry items.

It seems that a creative mind with a bent toward business never rests! For Vicki, that has led to the opening of two more Zibbet shops: Black Creek Crossing and Think Like a Fish. Black Creek Crossing features Vicki’s love of crochet. There you will find a variety of handcrafted fashion and home accessories for you and yours. Think Like a Fish combines Vicki’s love for making jewelry with her dad’s love of fishing. The result is a unique collection of jewelry items made from fishing lure components as well as pieces that feature fish as the focal points.

Most recently, Vicki has opened yet another Zibbet jewelry shop: Papa Spivey's Trunk. Papa Spivey's Trunk, named for the antique trunk that belonged to Vick's great grandfather, features steampunk and vintage style handmade jewelry.

In addition to being the proprietor for five Zibbet shops, Vicki also writes the Success on Zibbet column of Zibbet’s blog, Inspire. Most recently, Vicki was asked to join Zibbet’s Support Team where she answers basic support tickets. Vicki is also a frequent contributor to forum discussions on Zibbet’s Community Hub.

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The bass shown below was the "Big Bass" caught in the 1988 Northwest Florida Tournament of Champions held at Appalchicola, Florida. The bass weighed 8lbs 7oz and was caught on a 1/4oz white Pop's Buzz Bait. Pop placed 2nd in the tournament. Normally, tournament fish are released. However, this fish was "stressed out" so Pop took it to the taxidermist.

Handmade Fishing Lures and Fish Themed Jewelry

Think Like a Fish specializes in handmade fishing lures and fish-themed jewelry. Think Like a Fish is a father-daughter collaboration. The lures are designed and handmade by Jim Canaday. Jim's daugther, Vicki Schofield, is the jewelry maker. Together they create great items that will help you make the "catch of the day!"

If you're serious about the challenge of pursuing your favorite fish, then according to Jim, "You need to think like a fish!" He's spent a lifetime learning to do just that and his lures are a result of his efforts. Having grown up with a father who almost lives and breathes sport fishing, a couple of fish were bound to turn up in Vicki's jewelry designs!

Jim and Vicki hope you find exactly the bait you're looking for, whether it be a fishing lure or a shiny piece of jewelry! Come back often to see the latest additions to their collection of fish and fishing inspired handmade items.