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Handmade Fishing Lures and Fish Themed Jewelry

Think Like a Fish specializes in handmade fishing lures and fish-themed jewelry. Think Like a Fish is a father-daughter collaboration. The lures are designed and handmade by Jim Canaday. Jim's daugther, Vicki Schofield, is the jewelry maker. Together they create great items that will help you make the "catch of the day!"

If you're serious about the challenge of pursuing your favorite fish, then according to Jim, "You need to think like a fish!" He's spent a lifetime learning to do just that and his lures are a result of his efforts. Having grown up with a father who almost lives and breathes sport fishing, a couple of fish were bound to turn up in Vicki's jewelry designs!

Jim and Vicki hope you find exactly the bait you're looking for, whether it be a fishing lure or a shiny piece of jewelry! Come back often to see the latest additions to their collection of fish and fishing inspired handmade items.